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What Does A Grading And Excavation Contractor Do?

Excavator clearing land

Preparing the grounds upon which a structure is built in the construction industry is often necessary. Part of that process involves removing unwanted materials, such as large rocks and trees, and leveling the ground before building. These procedures use heavy equipment. In particular, a professional grader and excavator. These are very different machines that will each fulfill part of the task of properly preparing the ground where a home or building will stand. An experienced contractor will have access to these machines to coordinate all of this. Here is an overview of what a grading and excavation contractor does on most current construction projects.

What Is A Grading And Excavation Contractor

This individual or business is licensed in the state to provide construction services. The team leader will analyze and study the various conditions of the environment, including determining the soil type in the ground and the slope of the land. They are then identifying any wildlife populations that could compromise the entire project. The contractor’s responsibilities also involve developing a plan of action so that each project stage goes well. Finally, they need to obtain the proper permits and inspections required to comply legally with the county’s regulations.

How A Grader And Excavator Work In These Projects

Initially, an excavator will level the ground by removing soil, rocks, and other materials. Their primary purpose is to remove materials that can prevent the area from becoming completely level. The grader will then make the surface area perfectly level. Usually involves adding additional soil or removing more topsoil that remains after the excavator has done its work. The excavation and grading contractor will monitor and coordinate all this.

Other Responsibilities Of This Contractor

While the heavy equipment levels the ground, the contractor is also responsible for monitoring the safety of site workers. Site safety will always be the most critical aspect of any construction job, mainly because it is such a dangerous profession. High safety levels are necessary for the contractor to keep good experience and skills in their workforce. Those that are operating the heavy equipment, for example, should have years of experience in operating grading and excavation equipment. On a personal level, each employee must wear the proper protective gear, including eye protection, earplugs, hard hats, and boots with puncture-resistant soles. 

A grading and excavation contractor is one of the most experienced contractors that work on construction projects. Their ability to coordinate with seasoned professionals, create a plan of action, and obtain the necessary permits requires significant experience and focus. They are also experts at managing multiple employees simultaneously, ensuring high safety levels. For any construction project, excavation and grading contractors are the first ones on site when building any structure. At Swick and Son, we provide these services to residential and commercial construction companies. Contact us today for more information.