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Swick and Son Water Main Installation Contractors [Services Explained]

swick and son crew laying a water main installation on a commercial property next to road

Your water main is the major artery that connects your business or commercial property to the primary supply. The role of this crucial system component is to transport water; hence the insulation process done by a contractor is done with utmost precision. When such a significant artery fractures, it can release gallons of water that damage property and leave businesses and homes without water until repaired. Unfortunately, novice plumbing contractors can find a lengthy and complex operation working with water mains. In this case, you need water main installation contractors. Such professionals are experts in water main regulations,  integration, and repair elements.

What does installing the water main involve? Planning, excavating a trench, and bedding, but it’s not so clear-cut. As such, this article seeks to explain the services that water main installation contractors offer:

Excavating Contractors

Your water pipes must be in working order for your property to return your investment. Without water, businesses and residents will not pay rent for long. The system that feeds your potential clients must be in excellent working order. The installation must go right, which means that the trench has to be dug to plan, appropriately leveled, and compacted well so that the pipe can have firm support all along. Without an adequately leveled pipe foundation and government oversight, you risk fractures and issues that could lower water quality and result in property damage.

For this, we are your go-to. Swick and Son are licensed, insured, and bonded as renowned excavating contractors. There’s no project too small or difficult for us to deal with. Allow us to take over your commercial property’s water central installation for us to deliver the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and integrity.

Water Main Installation Services and Challenges

Our specialist has the valuable knowledge of completing several complicated commercial projects. Our in-house experts can help with various related issues when installing sewer and water Lines. We save on future costly repairs and utility work by ensuring that your sewer and water lines meet local government regulations. Our contractors follow a step-by-step process that starts with planning. After plans are done and approved, an issued permit in hand, the excavating will begin. After the trench, the bedding involves the preparation of a platform to lay the pipes. Following this comes the lines, joining them and pushing on the joints. Lastly, we will connect the existing lines to the mains. Our processes are precise, concise, and detail-oriented to avoid costly repairs.

A picture of a Swick and Son's crew installing a large water main valve for a commercial property.
Swick and Son’s crew installing a water main valve at a commercial property.

Swick and Son will repair or replacement of underground utilities. Utility lines and pipes that have been damaged, fractured, or burst are terrible for your property. Our team repairs water mains and sewer pipes to remove existing stress and prevent future problems – usually by replacing the entire line. The solution will be determined by your land’s soil composition, earth stability, and seasonal conditions.

Are you thinking of switching from well water to city water?

If your commercial property is currently on well water, you might be considering switching to city water. This switch can benefit your business in many ways — from improving the taste of your food and drinks to limiting foul odor to eliminating hard water.

Do you need to expand your utility lines?

We have the expertise to expand your utility lines to cover more of your land if necessary. We can build lateral sewer and water lines connecting major city lines when developing property on new ground.

Are you concerned about safety?

Underground utility installation frequently necessitates the excavation of deep trenches, which can be hazardous. We constantly follow OSHA Trench Safety guidelines and have strict safety protocols.

Contact Swick and Son

Do you need water mains and valve installation services? We have the proficiency and equipment necessary to undertake projects of any size and type. We have a wide range of construction equipment to efficiently deal with all kinds of primary water services, from maintenance to installation and emergency services. Contact us to safeguard your commercial property today!