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Storm drainage and grading work are an Important Step in Construction

Storm Drainage install

Many things happen before a commercial building is constructed. Amongst these things is storm drainage & grading work. It’s an essential step in construction and can’t be missed. Today, we’ll provide more details on this type of work. You’ll learn about what happens and why it’s crucial. As such, you’ll never skip this step in the future!

Digging For Drainage and Grading

When a building is built, it’s vital to dig for storm drainage. This involves using machines to dig up large trenches around the property. From here, storm water pipes can be placed down in the trenches. The aim is to help drain off water from excessive rainfall. Naturally, the storm drainage system is them covered back up. To the naked eye, nothing looks any different. But, there’s now a drainage system underground.

Grading is a crucial aspect of drainage. The most common form of grading is installing a swale. A swale is essentially a small valley. What’s the point of this? Well, it helps create a path for rainwater. We use swales to direct water away from buildings and to drainage sites. As a result, it stops any water logging of the area. Plus, grading helps protect the building itself. It’s not uncommon to adjust swales over time as well. This is purely because of the way the ground changes with time.

Both of these things are done during the construction process. Naturally, they come before the actual construction of a building. Miss this out, and you’ll have a lot of problems on your hands.

The Benefits Of Storm Drainage and Grading

Drainage problems are rife for many property owners. When heavy rainfall occurs, it lies on the ground. Without a storm drainage system and grading, where does it go? The answer is that it goes nowhere. It stays on the surface, potentially causing floods.

Furthermore, it can damage the building foundations as well. If rain settles by the building, it can cause water damage. This potentially puts the building at risk! Not only that, but it costs money to repair.

So, digging for storm drainage and grading can stop this. It ensures rainwater has a place to go. Grading directs it away from the building. Storm drainage helps remove it from the surface. In turn, the risk of flooding is decreased. This makes the area around the building more accessible as well. People will avoid commercial buildings if there’s flooding outside it. But, if the water drains away, nothing stops them from entering. This is highly important for commercial business owners!

On construction site, digging out drainage for property

In summary; you need storm drainage and grading for your commercial building. It’s a step that cannot be skipped! We offer these services, as you can see from our photos. Don’t let storm water settle and create flooding/water damage. Contact us today if you need these services. We’ll handle all the digging for you, providing you with storm drainage and grading. Give us a call, and we can answer any extra questions you have!