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Picking A Professional Storm Drain Contractor

excavators creating an Infiltration gallery for a parking lot expansion

Moving runoff from a building and its property is critical in the great northwest, with over 32 inches of rainfall in western Washington alone per year. A professional storm drain contractor is essential to keep properties from going underwater. 

Poorly installed storm drain systems will not function correctly and overflow, causing flooding. Flooding can affect the stability of structures – and can also present a clear danger to those on a flooded property. 

However, the sheer number of service providers in your area poses a challenge – which one will provide a service experience that meets the highest of standards?

Here are factors to take into consideration when selecting your storm drain contractor.

1. Ask Trusted Sources

The best way to find the ideal storm drain contractor is to ask for references from trusted sources. For instance, city officials are an excellent source to guide you to reputable professionals. 

2. Use the Power of the Internet

If your inquiries do not bear fruit, then turn to the Internet. There are many online reviews and reference sites where consumers leave candid opinions of the service they have received. Remember, these are not marketing people making outlandish claims – they are ordinary property managers and owners to inform others searching for a great service provider.

3. Select the Full-Service Option

Once you have gathered sufficient information to compile a shortlist of potential storm drain contractors, compare apples with apples. Look at what each company offers. They should go to the top of the list if they provide a full range of services. The supplier must have many skillsets to cope with the issues that affect stormwater drains and systems. Finding the right contractor means not worrying that an insurmountable problem will pop up.

4. Licensing and insurance

Before you retain the services of a contractor, ask to see their paperwork. They must be certified to practice in your area because most storm drain work requires a city permit. The city will only give a job permit if the design plans make sense for the property and the proper contractors are used to build the draining system.

Of equal importance is just how comprehensive their insurance cover. Ask about limitations in covering damage to property or assets and Workman’s Compensation. In these times, you want to avoid facing either litigation – or unforeseen expenses to your budget.

5. It’s in the Details

Make sure that the storm drain contractor will provide a fully comprehensive cost estimate, with the addition of delivery dates. Ask about costs that are not quoted. In some instances, contractors can insert a line item for ‘extra services’ that may be vague in the contract. Make sure that you and the contractor are clear about what is expected – and at what cost.

If you are a builder or a landowner and need professional advice and stormwater drain-related services, contact Swick and Son, or to learn more about our company and services, visit