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Site Clearing is What We Do Best

Site clearing for new home constrcution

Swick and Son provide comprehensive site clearing services for clients in and around the Eatonville, Washington area. Whether you need us to remove vegetation to prepare a plot of land for construction or install vital utility lines to a home or building. There is no job too big or small for us.

We use heavy-duty machinery that is manned by professionals with years of experience. This combination of equipment and experience makes clearing property go without hassle. Our team consists of skilled specialists that care about the end product. We possess extensive knowledge on not just site clearing but also utility line installations as well. Giving us the resources to provide you with a complete turnkey service for your site clearing needs.

Site clearing for home development

Why Is Site Clearing Important?

If you’re unsure what site clearing is or why you would need it. Then allow us to explain the benefits of site clearing and why it’s important.

  • Site clearing is required whenever you plan to use a plot of land for building purposes. Whether you’re planning a parking lot, a house or even a park. It is essential to clear out anything non-essential in your site to ensure that construction issues do not occur in the future.
  • Clearing a site involves removing vegetation first. Like trees, stumps and shrubs.  The undergrowth must removed as well. This insures that there is no vegetation that could affect your build in the future.
  • Old soil is often a poor building foundation because it could contain decaying materials that will loosen the soil over time. Clearing a site involves removing the surface layer of soil. Then replacing it with something more sturdy.  This sturdy layer of material removes the risk of your project collapsing.
  • Site clearing also makes it easy to install utility lines in the event that you need to connect to a main supply.

As you can see, site clearing is very important in order to build a sturdy structure that isn’t at risk of collapsing or slanting after a few years. It ensures that the foundation you’re building on is good enough for your needs and is a common procedure to take before you start construction.

Why Choose Swick and Son?

Swick and Son has been in the excavation business for well over 30 years. During that time, we’ve built a reputation for creating a reliable and trustworthy service. Making Swick and Son on of the top site-clearing companies in the construction industry. We’re an honest family-run business that understands the importance of creating solid relationships with our clients. Along with going the extra mile to deliver results that we can be proud of. Contact us today with any questions.