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Questions To Ask A Septic System Installation Contractor

septic system installation contractor

The average septic system has a lifetime between two to three decades under favorable conditions. Most systems are bound to fail at some point in time. Preventive maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your system. A septic inspection is necessary at least every two years’ time to ensure the system’s smooth functioning. When you need a new septic system, you should rely on a certified septic system installation company. Here are some questions to ask the septic system installation contractor when installing a new system on your property.

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Septic System?

Installing a new septic system may take between 2-7 days, depending on many factors. The county inspector’s schedule, soil conditions, and weather patterns can affect the installation process. You need to get the necessary permits for the new installation. Inspections and environmental testing are mandatory before installing a new system. A professional installation contractor will obtain the required permits and licenses on your behalf.

How Do I Know If My Septic Tank Is In Good Working Order?

You need to hire a professional septic system contractor to perform a septic system evaluation. Such an assessment will let you know the condition of your septic system.

What Happens When My Septic System Fail? How Can I Know?

The drain field won’t function properly when your septic system fails. When the system overflows, the effluent will pass to the drain field. The effluent will clog up the pipes and result in the sinks and toilets backing up in your home. An odor of sewage and slow-draining drains & toilets are common signs of a septic system failure.

How To Prevent A Septic System Failure?

Suppose the system is appropriately designed and installed by a professional septic system installation contractor. In that case, the rest will be up to you. Preventive maintenance is crucial to the smooth operation of your system. Inspect the system at least every two years for durability and long life. Watch what you put down the toilet, and avoid using excess water.

Can The Septic System Contaminate A well?

It can happen when the effluent is not treated correctly. Untreated effluence becomes a health hazard for you and your neighbors. When untreated effluent enters the groundwater, it can contaminate the wells on your and your neighbor’s properties.

Why Should You Pay Attention To What You Pour Down The Drain?

Yes, some materials you pour down the drain won’t decompose and may remain in the tank. Never pour grease, oil, and fat down the drain. Also, you should avoid putting eggshells and coffee grounds down the drain. Keep chemicals out of the system as well.

Call A Septic System Installation Contractor

When you want to replace the old septic system or install a new system on your property, you should rely on an experienced septic system contractor. There are hundreds of such contractors on the market. Contact us today to install your septic system.