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5 Tools Everyone in the Rock Wall Construction Industry Should Be Using

Rock wall construction at a new property

Rock wall construction is a stunning addition to anyone’s home, garden or general landscape. They help define and improve a property but it’s essential that they are built professionally by those with the right tools.

Building a wall of stone is extremely backbreaking work but if built correctly they will stand for a lifetime or maybe more. Here are 5 tools that everyone in the industry should be using.

1. Tamper

Once a trench has been dug, a tamper is essential to ensure the foundation is set correctly. For each layer of stone added you will need to tamp it until the footing is at the desired level below grade.

You can use a hand tamper or mechanical tamper. This will depend on the size of your foundation that needs to be leveled.

2. Wet Saw

Wet saws come in many sizes with different motors and blade depths. A wet saw allows for precision cutting of stone. It makes that backbreaking work much easier and less hassle. You can cut the correct size stone with ease using a wet saw.

There are a few choices when it comes to wet saws. Some are handheld and portable which can be useful. The precision is not as good as a bench or table type wet saw. It’s important to consider which type will be easiest for your application. Bench types allow for thicker stone pieces to be cut with enhanced precision.

Buying a wet saw is generally inexpensive and they are quite easy to use.

3. Chisel

You won’t be able to use the wet saw for all the rock cutting. Instead, you will need to have at least a 3-inch carbide chisel. When cutting a stone, mark the stone where it is to be cut first.

Once marked, you can take the chisel and place the tip on the marked line. Aim slightly downwards and strike the chisel once using a hand sledge. Then strike again placing the chisel half on the score you made and half on the fresh stone. Strike again and keep repeating until the stone is cut.

A chisel allows you to make more difficult cuts that couldn’t be made using your wet saw.

4. Hand Sledge

In order to use the chisel effectively, you will need at least a 3-pound hand sledge. This will allow to apply enough force to crack open the rocks you want to cut or chip away at. Always ensure you use the sledge safely, keeping fingers away from the impact area. Without an appropriate hand sledge, cutting the rock will be extremely hard work. Safety glasses are a must.

5. Brick Jointer

To trowel the joints between the capstones you should use a brick jointer. Make sure you make them concave as to allow water to drain away from the wall. Misting the wall during construction will allow the mortar to cure slowly as you work.

Brick jointers makes easy work of applying the grooves to your recently filled mortar joints. They also help improve the lifespan and visual impact of the mortar joints.

Hire a Rock Wall Construction Professional

If you are thinking of installing a new rock wall, hire the professionals. Contact Swick and Son now at 1-360-832-8116 or drop us a message. A member of our professional team will be able to help you immediately.