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Office Building Project Plan: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

office building plan

Building your office building from scratch benefits you because you have full control. You don’t need to make any compromises on the design. Owning your office building also gives you a great asset. However, building a commercial building is a big project to take on. The process must be understood before you get started. This article will outline the main steps in an office building project plan.

Site clearing

Before any building work can begin, the site needs to clear. Clearing obstructions like trees and rocks takes experience excavators. Any raised and pitted areas will need to be dug out or filled and flattened. Once you complete the clearing work, the construction process can move forward.

Break ground and excavation

Now that the site is clear, the construction team can break the ground. They will now begin excavating the land. Excavation drawings will mark out areas for trenches. These are for foundations and infrastructure, like water and gas mains. An excavator company will dig the trenches and remove the excess soil. Typically the excess dirt is used for other purposes during the construction process. But it may be disposed of if it is unsuitable for use.

After completing the excavation process, the quality checks start. These ensure that the trenches are suitable for the foundations and utilities. Excavation is an essential part of the office building project plan. When done correctly, the methods will create a structural base for the building. You must use a professional, experienced excavation company. Any errors can cause a lot of problems with the building.


Now that the excavation process is complete, the foundation forms and or pillars go in per the structural engineer and architect’s plans. Once the foundation is perfect, it will give the building a firm base to live on for the rest of its life.

There are different types of structural concepts to keep your building from falling apart. In some cases, the builders may use combined foundation types. These consist of multiple columns to support structures. Usually, the two foundations will overlap. The architect will decide which kind of foundation is suitable for your plan.

office building plan, clearing site

Framing the superstructure

With a foundation in place, it is time to build the superstructure. It is like the skeleton of the building consisting of beams and columns. Concrete, steel, and wood are preferred to create a superstructure. However, that is not always the case. In the end, a vital government inspection will tell you if it will support the weight of the finished building.

Walls, roof, and interior

After the superstructure is complete, the builders complete the walls and roof, AKA the shell. Moisture barrio and exterior cosmetic features as added. Once finished, the final exterior stage of the office building project plan is beautiful. Now that the outer shell is complete and interior work can begin. The interior is an essential part of the office building project. It is what you the owner will look at every day. Be sure it is to your exact expectations because it can be rather expensive to change down the road.