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Landscaping Services: What You Should Be Looking For

landscaping services with an excavator

Landscaping services are becoming extremely popular. Here at Swick & Son, we’ve known about the benefits for decades. Thankfully, more and more home and business owners are starting to understand the upshot too. However, as landscaping services are in demand, it means the market is saturated. For an average buyer, this makes it difficult to choose a reliable and professional partner.

The good news is that there is no need to worry. As long as you know the telltale signs, it’s a walk in the park. Below you’ll find the three most important factors to keep in mind regarding landscaping services.

Landscaping Services Price

People say the price isn’t something you should consider. After all, it’s better to pay more for a professional job. Unfortunately, they’re wrong because the cost says a lot about the service. For example, if it’s too high, it might be out of your budget. Landscaping the garden is on your to-do list but it shouldn’t break the bank. On the flip side, a cheap quote signifies the contractor is overcompensating. Often, a low price means they lack the skill and qualifications to complete the job.

When it comes to landscaping services, you need to find the sweet spot. If in doubt, err on the more expensive side if it’s affordable. Or use our competitive project pricing. Also, ask about supplier relationships as they impact the price.


Without the proper equipment, there is no way a contractor will follow-through on their promises. At Swick & Son, we have everything from excavators to dump trucks. No, it isn’t just so that we can look good to customers and clients. Instead, it’s to ensure we can take on any project regardless of size. Whether it’s a home renovation or site development, our equipment is flexible and on point.

It’s not only about quantity – quality is vital, too. Tools should be industry-grade as they are trustworthy and perform to a high standard.


Landscaping services are often dangerous. Professionals make it look easy, but that’s because they follow protocols. Contractors only do this is they are well-trained and have the relevant certification. Does your landscaper have a degree in Horticulture or Landscape Management? If so, from which college or establishment? Does it have a good reputation? A formal degree isn’t a necessity, which is why you should check reviews. Recommendations from former customers is a sign they deliver on their promises.

Also, look for separate landscaping services qualifications. For example, we employ professional CDL drivers for safety reasons.

What You Can Do

It isn’t only the contractor that has to do a job – you do, too. Start by shopping around for a price and different services offered. But, don’t do it without knowing what you want first. Another good piece of advice is to get at least three quotes from different contractors. Communication is key to success, so you shouldn’t hire them if they’re poor communicators. Also, if they’re late to a meeting, they’ll probably do the same during the project.

For landscaping services that you can trust, get in touch with Swick & Son right now!