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How Much Does Land Excavation Cost: Let’s Break It Down

excavator on property How Much Does Land Excavation Cost

Land excavation is an integral feature of many residential developments. Maybe you’re building a new home in Western Washington. Or perhaps you want to install a new luxury backyard swimming pool. Either way, researching the excavation costs for small residential developments is vital.

Here’s everything you need to know about excavation costs in Western Washington.

How Much Does Land Excavation Cost In Western Washington?

The cost of land excavation for commercial projects is a more complex subject. However, small residential developments typically range from $900 to $9,100. Most projects sit between $1,900 and $5,200. Meanwhile, the median cost for projects in West Washington is $3,000. The price is higher than the national average of $2,606.

Small projects may cost as little as $500. Still, most homeowners can expect to pay a four to a five-figure fee. Below covers all critical aspects of land excavation for home renovations, including;

  • Setting out corner benchmarks.
  • Clearing the area of debris.
  • Surveying the ground.
  • Excavation to the proposed depth.
  • Dressing soil.
  • Removing excess soil.
  • Adding building boundaries.
  • Installing dewatering wells.
  • Preventing corrosion damage.
  • Securing a project sign-off.

Given all these factors, a professional touch will be necessary. After all, it must satisfy the legal requirements of the Western Washington authorities. Likewise, it’s essential to confirm that any construction work is safe. Ensuring safety extends to protecting existing land and buildings, including neighboring properties.


What Factors Affect The Cost?

The average costs will provide you a starting point. However, in reality, a range of contributing factors can impact the expense of your project. Naturally, living in Western Washington has an influence. Some of the additional costs are:

  • How much soil needs to be moved or hauled – depth, length, and width.
  • The work required – clearing, digging, grading, grubbing, trenching, etc.
  • Natural habitats and endangered species require consideration.
  • The time of the year that the work takes place.
  • The expected project duration.
  • How quickly you need the work to commence.
  • Drainage systems are needed to prevent erosion.
  • Sometimes a project will require experts to oversee things.
  • Ease of removal and transport waste soil and materials.
  • Additional requirements to access the project site.
  • The overall condition of the land will be a determining factor.

Ultimately, no two projects are the same. Therefore, it’s essential to have your project assessed. To do this, you will need planning permissions and blueprints in advance. Only then can land excavation experts provide a detailed and accurate quote.


Is Land Excavation Needed For Your Project?

In a word: yes.

Land excavation is a crucial step in many projects, from preparing the foundations for a new building to landscaping a yard. It’s more than merely leveling an area of land. It also controls vegetation, natural environments, and more. Even when a plot seems very flat, land excavation is vital. And it should be incorporated into your project planning processes.

The best way to learn more about excavation costs is to arrange a consultation. Call Swick & Son to discuss your project plans today!