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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Footing Excavation Cost

Footings are an essential part of the foundation construction. Indeed, footings support the whole foundation structure. They prevent settling. Therefore, in troublesome soils, footing excavation is crucial. However, evaluating the footing excavation costs can be difficult. Professionals need reliable information and tools to calculate costs. We, at Swick & Son, understand that clients want a price they can trust. They don’t want any unpleasant surprises. We know you can not do without footings. However, we believe cost-effective footing excavation is possible with the right technology. That’s why we focus on advanced technology and expertise for our footing excavation cost.

Swick and Son back filling excavation foundation costs

#1. Soil and site analysis

Soil test is the first step in any construction project. Before we can provide a reliable footing excavation cost, we need to understand your soil. Indeed, the soil will define the type of footings required. It will also dictate the best excavation methods and equipment for the job. Therefore, essential tests are conducted to measure your soil, its density, compaction, etc. We work with expert laboratory and field experts if there is no pre-existing analysis.

Additionally, our team also makes sure to measure the site. We use the measurements to determine the size of the footings and the equipment. For narrow or remote locations, accessibility affects the labor and equipment, and hence the cost.

#2. Advanced excavation tools

At Swick & Son, we have experience with many different excavation tools. Because we know our excavation equipment works, we can set a correct footing excavation cost. Indeed, footing excavation can use any of the following equipment:

  • Crawler excavator: for trench digging in heavy soils and debris
  • Suction excavator: for delicate footing projects
  • Skid steer excavator: Specifically for residential projects and small sites
  • Mini excavator: For narrow footing jobs
  • Long-reach excavator: For hard to reach locations
  • Dragline excavators are specific for civil engineering projects.

Knowing how to choose and use the right equipment reduces unnecessary manual labor and delays.

#3. Latest construction estimation software tools for footing excavation costs

We know that small construction companies carry on with extensive cost estimation methods. We, at Swick & Son, believe that reliable software tools provide reliable footing excavation costs. As a result, we utilize the latest software technology to calculate our professional involvement in footing projects. Additionally, we also use tools to map out the best and most cost-effective options for our clients. We focus on project management software to schedule tasks and workers effectively. Thus, we can optimize the footing excavation cost for our clients. Reliable, quick, and adaptable, that’s our promise for your footing plans.

#4. Info sharing systems

We understand that footing excavation is only one part of a full construction project. We have made it our mission to build relationships with our partners on-site. Therefore, we can rely on our archives of shared knowledge and expertise to make decisions. There is no footing excavation challenge we haven’t seen or managed. We build an information database for our teams so that we can create best practice tips. Our experience is passed to each member of the excavation team for best results.

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