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Excavation Contractors Near Me, Who to use?

Excavation contractors close to house

Finding quality excavation contractors near me or you, can be a challenge. More often than not, you’re not aware of the criteria for deciding whether the contractor you’ve found has the quality you need.

There are three prominent excavation contractors in Eatonville: Swick and Son, D & B Holden Construction Co, and Morning Star Excavating Inc. But which should you choose for your next excavation project and why? Let’s take a look.

The Three Excavation Contractors Near Me

Swick and Son have been in operation since 1987 go by the motto “A handshake, and it’s done with Swick and Son.” It’s all part of the company’s practical, upbeat ethos and work ethic. Swick and Son is an experienced hand in the industry, committed to customer service and safety.

What sets the company apart isn’t just its services, but the quality and integrity of the people who lead the organization. There’s a genuine commitment to professionalism and integrity that you rarely see in the excavation contractor industry. Every employee is focused on delivering the service to the best of their ability, drawing on the company’s long experience providing customers with excavation services in Washington.

The Others

D & B Holden Construction LLC is a much younger company than Swick and Son. Founded in 1999, it provides a range of site work, land clearing, and sewer services. As with Swick and Son, the company is customer-centric. Their goal is to provide their customers with 100 percent peace of mind and provides support six days per week.

It should be noted, however, that the company’s primary focus is on construction, not excavation. The majority of their work is domestic fittings, remodeling, and home redesigns. Thus D & B Holden Construction LLC is a company that focuses considerably on the domestic renovation market, not commercial site work.

Morning Star Excavating, like Swick and Son, has been in the excavation business since the late 1980s. It has a similar focus to D & B Holden Construction in the sense that it advertises to the residential market. The company has served more than 97,500 people in the last twenty years and promises to provide customers with a rapid callback. If you have a question, Morning Star Excavating will get back to you within the hour.

excavation contractors near me

Which Is The Best?

While all three services offer considerable benefits, the best choice, on balance, is Swick and Son.

The reason? Swick and Son is the only company that does not compromise on experience, customer service, or safety. It ticks every box. Offering a range of both B2B and B2C with a dependable customer experience from start to finish.

The sheer number of excavation services that the firm offers is also impressive. Swick and Son offer land clearing, retaining wall construction, demolition, side sewer, haling, commercial dirt work, site work, and new home construction. It also has all of the heavy-duty equipment that customers need to remove anything that might be in the way. The company can both prep sites and install new features, all while minimizing disruption.