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Erosion Control Installation: 2 Methods to Prepare Soil for Construction Projects

picture of erosion control on jobsite

Soil stabilization is a crucial part of house construction. Otherwise, your home’s foundation may not be strong enough, leading to significant damages later. Suppose you plan to build a house from scratch. In that case, it’s essential to check the soil’s stability through different erosion control techniques. Suppose the soil is not stabilized according to the standard requirements of building a house. In that case, erosion control installation services can make the ground suitable for the project’s construction.

Swick and Son Enterprise LLC is one of the best companies to provide a wide range of erosion control installation services. With state-of-the-art tools and experienced technicians, we ensure that the land is appropriate for construction. The two most effective ways to control soil erosion:

1. Erosion blankets

Installing erosion blankets stabilizes disturbed soil areas at the construction site. It is a highly effective technique for houses built on hillsides and slopes. There are two advantages of installing erosion blankets. First, the coverings reinforce the underlying soil and hold them together in one place. Secondly, they retain moisture and support the ground to keep it from crumbling even after complete construction.

Swick and Son use different types of erosion blankets, depending on the condition of the soil. If the ground is in bad shape, it uses blankets suitable for long-term protection. On the other hand, if the earth needs a little reinforcement to meet the construction requirements, the technicians may install a blanket ideal for short-term protection.

2. Erosion wattles

Erosion wattles are versatile tools used for sediment and erosion control. They are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to other erosion control methods. This erosion control installation method is used to build a house on a hillside, disturbed slope, or newly-contoured slope. The wattles have a barrier that allows runoff while also controlling erosion and sedimentation.

In addition to these two popular methods, Swick and Son may also use a few other items to control soil erosion, such as sediment logs, tracking pads, inlet protection, erosion control mats, straw bales, and silt fences.

Erosion control design

Erosion control design can be of two types, depending on the amount of control the soil requires.

1. Temporary erosion control

Temporary erosion control for construction projects includes following the best design practices according to the local and state regulatory standards. It involves construction and maintenance details of erosion wattles and blankets to ensure that the soil is good. Swick and Son provide the necessary paperwork to the regulatory agencies to ensure that you don’t face any construction code violations later.

2. Permanent erosion control

The technicians provide cost-effective erosion control methods that can hold the ground together for future projects on the property. It is a common technique to make it possible for construction companies to plan future expansions without worrying about the soil’s quality.

Do you know that the government can impose a fine of approximately $1,000 to $10,000 every day if your house doesn’t meet the standard soil requirements? Suppose you don’t want to pay such a hefty penalty. In that case, you should call Swick and Son at 1-360-832-8116 to discuss the possible erosion control methods applicable for your location.