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Costs to Demo Concrete: What You Need To Know

construction equipment jackhammering a concrete slab

Laying concrete is a challenge, but properly demolishing set concrete to make way for a new foundation or project can be even more so. Especially if a large amount of concrete needs to be removed for a large-scale commercial or industrial project, even homeowners are often surprised by just how pricy some concrete demolition can get.

While finding an exceptional contractor to take on any concrete demolition job can be challenging, understanding a few things about the cost to demo concrete are calculated and what can cause a job to be more expensive than average will help you learn to more accurately budget for an upcoming job.

Construction Equipment picking up demolished concrete.

Let’s dive in!

How Do You Calculate The Cost To Demo Concrete?

Costs will vary based on the job, the location, and any unique difficulties that take place. A good starting range for a concrete demo job in 2023 will be around $3 to $6 per square foot. In some low-cost rural areas, you might get it for $2 per share, while in more expensive high-demand areas, it might be higher, but $3-6 per square foot is a good average.

A national survey shows an average of $1,444 for concrete removal, but keep in mind with so many houses and jobs of different sizes, that’s not a great measuring stick for what your job will cost.

So measure the area, figure out the square footage, and compare that to quotes you receive to see who is in that range and who is far outside.

What Is People’s Most Common Mistake When Calculating Concrete Demolition Costs?

We need to make sure labor and dumping are included. Hopefully, you’re dealing with ethical contractors who put all their fees into the upfront costs, giving you an idea of the actual bill. However, ask directly if labor, dumping fees, and any taxes are included with the quote.

If not, that can have a massive difference in what the final price is going to be.

Why Is It Important To Have A Professional Demo?

Getting an excellent concrete demolition job is all about having the right specialty tools and experienced demolition specialists with years of experience using them. To properly take care of demolishing concrete, there are specialty drills, drill bits, cutting equipment, and more.

These are not easy tools and require experienced professionals to use them properly and safely. Trained professionals will also understand how the work in a job needs to be organized to get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

What Is One Of The Best Way To Find A Good Demo Contractor?

Local online searches are great. These allow you to see customer ratings for local contractors and contact them for early estimated quotes. Go a step further and take the name of the contractor and Google with the words “small claims court” or “lawsuit.” 

Google could bring up information that would affect whether or not you want to take a chance on a contractor or whether enough pops up during your online search to make you look elsewhere.

What Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Concrete Demolition Contractor?

The big ones are debris removal from the site and dumping fees being covered, or if not covered, the additional cost agreed upon upfront. 

You will also want to discuss the timeline. Can this be done two weeks from now? A month? Or is your preferred professional backed up for six months? These are essential factors to take into consideration before agreeing to a contract.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Concrete Demolition Contractor?

You know that large jobs will be done right by professionals with the right tools to get the job done fast and efficiently. While concrete demo work is rarely clean, the difference in dust in the air and how clean a work site is between a professional group and amateur hour is very noticeable.

Go the professional route when getting a concrete demo job done – you won’t regret it.